A real holiday of mercy for children took place

A real holiday of mercy for children took place

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A real holiday of mercy for children took place

On April 15, on the eve of the Sunday of God’s Mercy, a prayer of glorification ”children bear mercy” was held at the Christian social center. This is a festival of spiritual chants, a dialogue of love, glorification and gratitude to the Lord God. Glorifying is like breathing in clean air: it cleanses the soul, allows you not to remain in captivity of a difficult moment and the darkness of difficulties, gives strength, hope and brings real joy. Experiencing the feast of mercy, which is our festival, We ask  the human heart to be transformed, and the church to become the center of the cult of God’s Mercy.

At the beginning of the prayer, Sister Czaslawa Nowickaya USJK  addressed to the gathered  and reflected on the most valuable gift of God given to man, the life gift. She stressed that after God, we should honor our parents who gave us life, and urged us to thank God together for the gift of life and pray, asking for God’s mercy for the whole world. “Nothing defeats evil like God’s mercy. The power of mercy can change the tragedies of the modern world and the heart of every person”

After the words of Sister Chaslava, Priest Alexander Shamritsky came out to the assembled with a Monstration in his hands, in which the Lord Jesus himself was in the Most Holy Sacrament.

Musical groups, ensembles and choirs from different cities of Belarus became participants of the prayer of glorification ”children bear mercy “:

  • The group “Michaelki” of the Parish of the Mother of God Ruzhantsova (Minsk)
  • The children’s Ensemble TRANSITUS of the Parish of St. Francis (Minsk)
  • The Children’s Choir of the charity Mission of the Good Samaritan under the care of St. Ursula Ledukhouskaya (Minsk)
  • The Children’s Choir of the Parish of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Gomel)
  • The group “heavenly notes” of the parish of St. John the Baptist (Minsk)
  • Miraslau Shabanovich from the parish of the Most Holy Trinity (St. Roch)on the Golden Hill (Minsk)
  • Group “Pukhavickyja pyarlinki” of the parish of St. Anthony (Maryina Gorka)
  • Choir “God’s Lambs” of St. John the Evangelist Parish (Minsk)
  • Children’s choir “stars” of St. Anthony Parish (Slutsk)
  • Instrumental Ensemble of the Sanctuary of the Mother of God of Fatima (Zhodino)
  • Children’s Choir of the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mozyr)
  • Children’s Choir “Seeds” of St. Casimir Parish (Molodechno)
  • Children’s group “Amici Deus” of St. Casimir Parish (columns)
  • Children’s group of the choir “pilgrims” of the Minsk Orthodox Parish in honor of the Holy Princess Olga (Minsk)

The songbooks were prepared for the participants of the festival. All those present had the opportunity to join actively to the  praying of glorification. The prayer chants sung by the children sounded especially heartfelt and touching.

The end of the prayer of glorification was the song” Prayer for Belarus“, which was sung together by children and adults. During the prayer of glorification, the children held colored flowers in their hands, and at the end of the prayer they laid them at the altar.

The prayer was attended by Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, who addressed the gathered and expressed sincere joy to see many children in the Christian social center: “You are the future of our Fatherland and the future of the Church. It will be joyful and bright if we build it on Christian values.”

After lunch, to which all those present were invited, an entertainment program was prepared for children and parents. Belarusian folk dances could be danced to the sounds of a violin and a tambourine. The children actively participated in master classes: “draw with Aksana Arakcheeva“, where they could draw with the famous artist, and ”macaroni beads“, during which they could make decorations from colorful pasta. The younger participants played with the clown, blowing soap bubbles.

Alena Shimak, the head of the choir “God’s lambs” said: “this is the unique event. In addition to the great spiritual meaning, the prayer meeting has practical significance for the choir, where you can share your ministry and learn from the experience of those who, like us, praise God in parish communities.” The participants themselves expressed their impressions of the meeting: “it was the coolest celebration of God’s Mercy in the whole world. It was very cool because we were together, we sang and because we are God’s lambs“”

We express our sincere gratitude to all participants of the prayer of glorification “children bear mercy”!

See many beautiful photos in the album “children bear mercy”.

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