All-Belarusian Congress of “Moms in Prayer” movement comes to the Centre

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All-Belarusian Congress of “Moms in Prayer” movement comes to the Centre

It is the second time more than 100 members of moms’ praying movement gather at our Social Centre. There were prayers, conversations, interesting meetings and joint discussions.

Liudmila Hubina, a coordinator of “Moms in Prayer” movement in Belarus shared her thoughts with us “it’s convenient for us to meet at Social Centre. This is the children’s place. And we pray not only for our own children, but all the children. It’s very important for us to gather here”. “The world’s “Moms in Prayer” Congress took place this year in a Spanish city of Avila. Moms from different continents, including such countries as South Korea, Japan, Canada and the USA gathered in one place. Me and one more Belarusian mom took part in the Congress as well. Then we shared the information with the rest of our moms”, — added Mrs.Liudmila.

A key point of the Congress is meeting with Maksim Backalevicz and his family. From early childhood Maksim suffers from a severe case of cerebral palsy. He can not speak and the only means of communication is the alphabet – Maksim types words with his elbow. Today, he can type up to 40 words per 1 hour. In spite of that, he has already written 5 books. The family shared with the rest their faith and experience of overcoming difficulties together.

“Our moms saw how it’s possible to help a child like that. Learnt that you can’t give up and with God’s help you can be of great help to your child”, said Mrs. Liudmila Hubina. “Most people are busy with material things for their children – better job, more money. When in reality that’s not what’s important. Our moms went back homes with different knowledge”.

“Moms in Prayer” movement exists in 123 countries in the world, in Belarus there are about 700 members. Moms pray for their children and deepen the understanding of mother’s mission in life. Once a week women gather for prayers, Bible readings and discussion of family matters.