An excursion to the National Library took place

An excursion to the National Library took place

На іншых мовах: ru be pl
An excursion to the National Library took place

The Christian Social Centre organized a visit for children to the main library of the country.

The group saw the library from the inside, learned about its unique book collection and touched real book rarities. At the every step children could see many interesting things: fountains, flowers, glass floor, electronic catalog and card indexes, galleries and works of art. The most impressive are the books, because each has its own interesting story and artistic decoration.

The children visited the unique exhibition “Secrets of the Stationery” at the Book Museum. The exposition includes the first pencils and pens, sandboxes, inkwells and even writing instruments of famous people.

After the tour, the children had a practical part of the lessons. They wrote on wax tablets with pens. Allegedly very simple. However, to erase and level the written, to prepare a wax surface for a new record is a difficult process that demands force and patience.

In the end everyone coloured the library and created their own unique building design.

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