An Ursuline took part in chapel consecration in Liubcha.

An Ursuline took part in chapel consecration in Liubcha.

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An Ursuline took part in chapel consecration in Liubcha.

In the years 1935 -1939 the Ursulines worked in Navahrudak region, where they established a kindergarten and a school in Liubcha, and were engaged in youth and children education.

This is a symbolic place for the Ursulines. In the 1930s, after years of work, they had to flee as the place was occupied by the Bolsheviks.

They took the kindergartne and school away, and the Ursulines moved to Vilnius, from where later they were taken to Siberia. The Church in Liubcha was destroyed buy the memory of the Ursulines still lives there.

Thanks to the efforts of Catholic people in Liubcha as well as priest Yury Zegaryn the new chapel was built this year. This is also very symbolic gesture, as exactly 80 years ago the old chapel was blown up by communists.

Sister Darota came to Liubcha from Warsaw to see the event. While the locals could see a real Ursuline sister with their own eyes, whose predecessors educated hundreds of children from around there. Sister Darota wished all the blessings along the way to to re-establishing Christian traditions on those lands. On behalf of all the Ursulines the Sister presented the chapel with a chasuble.

“The atmosphere was warm and cosy, almost homey”, – shared her impressions the Sister. “When our sisters were working in Liubcha, the founder of the order, St. Ursula Ledochowska was still alive. She really cared about this land”.

Sister Darota works as a nurse at a home for old Ursuline sisters in Warsaw. For the last 20 years she has been taking care of those sisters who require help dur to their medical condition.

Photos: Vital Palineuski

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