Children and parents held obley meetings

Children and parents held obley meetings

На іншых мовах: ru be pl
Children and parents held obley meetings

On the last Sunday of Advent, all students of the Social Center celebrated Christmas Vigil. On this occasion, the Mission was visited by two bishops — Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewiсz and Bishop Jury Kasabucki.

This year the celebration was divided into two parts. “Thank God that there are many of us —  a total of about 300 children, parents and guests. And our largest hall is designed for 100-150 people, “said Sister Czaslava,” and I would not like to lose the personal approach, so that you can break the obley with everyone, share a kind word, so that this holiday does not lose warmth and family. In a large group, of course, it is lost.”

The first group began the Vigil with a Mass at 10.30. Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewiсz attended it, too. In his homily, the hierarch drew attention to the personal example of parents in raising children. “Like father like son,” he said. “It’s very good that you bring the children to the Social Centre.” But the pattern of your life, the example of your prayer and your observance play the key role.”

After the  Mass children and parents showed a Christmas play, there was a common prayer and obley sharing. No one hurried to leave, a lot of warm words were heard.

The second group celebrated the Vigil at 4 p.m. The Mass was presided over by Bishop Jury Kasabucki, who addressed the children in his sermon. He drew their attention to the importance of reconciling and apologizing to each other. The guest encouraged the children to think and apologize before Christmas to those they might have offended.

From the Mission Chapel all the guests headed to the festive hall. Children and teachers prepared a small play about the path of all nations to the stables in Bethlehem. There were Eskimos, Chinese, Indians, Africans and Belarusians. Afterwards everyone shared obley.

All pictures from the Vigil at 10.30 am can be viewed here.
Pictures from the Vigil at 4.00 pm can be viewed here.