Children from different parts of Belarus glorified God in Minsk

Children from different parts of Belarus glorified God in Minsk

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Children from different parts of Belarus glorified God in Minsk

Children from different parts of Belarus gathered together at the Christian social center at the charity mission of the Good Samaritan under the care of St. Ursula Ledukhouskaya to glorify the Risen Christ and touch the sources of His mercy.

“Children bear mercy“ is the name of the festival, which took place on April 15, writes the Catholic Bulletin.

The prayer of glorification was filled with numerous touching moments.

I was very impressed by the high level of singing performance, the variety of repertoire and a large number of talented children, teenagers, their leaders and organizers.

According to him, the words from the Gospel come: “Unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (MT 18:3)”

What is it, a child’s prayer of glorification?

Sincere and cheerful. With raised hands to his Heavenly Father, with a joyful smile to a friend, with warm embraces of those who stand by and, of course, with a heart burning with love for God and neighbor.

The participants shared their impressions of the festival.

Veranika Ramanenkova, St. Francis Parish, Minsk, Artistic Director of the children’s ensemble Transitus, Candidate of Art History.

This is the second time we have been at the prayer of glorification with the children. They were a year ago. The children were very satisfied. Therefore, this year, without a doubt, we decided to take part again.

And in general, our choir “Transitus” takes part in all possible musical events held by the Catholic Church. We also participate in secular contests. We are interested in everything and  everything is useful for us. Children like any movement, and especially when they need to go somewhere. Together with the Capuchin brothers, we try to support such aspirations of children to deeper spirituality through creativity and music.

It was a particularly warm moment for me to be blessed by our beloved and highly respected Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz.

At the prayer of glorification, we sang two hymns: “Salt of the Earth“ (by Lyudmila Kaptsevich) and ”Laudato si“ (music of traditional Italian singing, text based on the ”song of creatures” by St. Francis).

We are from the parish of St. Francis, so we chose to sing with his words, and the music is cheerful. Our children love such chants oh how much.

Singing” Salt of the Earth ” touched me personally very much. It was written by a very sincere woman who understands the value of every word and can translate it into music. The text in this song is instructive and inspires good. Therefore, of course, we chose it for execution.

I want to say a compliment to the organizers of the prayer and Sister Chaslava. There was sincerity on their part, and patience, and concern for various small and big moments.

It is very good that they organize this prayer in the format of singing. To be honest, the music of the Catholic Church in Belarus is still unprofessional. And the situation will not improve if we do not take steps forward.

Preparation for concerts, prayers, festivals raises the performing level very much. When we look at each other, we see our shortcomings, as well as the best sides of our neighbors. It helps us to strive higher.

Anastasia Usnich, parish of the Mother of God Ruzhantsova, Minsk, head of the group “Michaelki”.

I was invited to the prayer as the head of the children’s and youth group “Michaelki”, as well as to help the organizers as an accompanist for other groups.

This year it was our duty to open the prayer of glorification and perform the general final chant. At the same time, we were animators in the second unofficial part (helped to conduct dancing, singing, games).

At the beginning of the prayer, we chose a chant that is not quite known to the Catholics of Belarus, but is known to many believers around the world — “you are our God, you are our King” (You are good — David Nkennor). He carries with him the true spirit of glorification. The text was translated from English by ourselves.

The performance of the last common singing impresses and shakes the heart every year! Despite the everyday hustle and bustle, the circumstances in which the modern world finds itself, thanks to such prayer meetings, Christian unity is felt.

The ecumenical spirit of this year’s prayer of glorification will be remembered for a long time. Most of all, I admired the performance of the Orthodox group “Piligrims” of the Minsk parish in honor of the Holy Princess Olga, who testified with their participation that we are all Christians. And Christians can and should pray together, glorify God and spend time together.

“Children bear Mercy” is an opportunity not only for joint prayer, but also for new acquaintances, enrichment with a new musical repertoire, and a positive attitude.

Emilia Dasyukevich, St. Casimir Parish, Molodechno, group “grains”.

I really like to participate in various church activities, as it is interesting and also develops. I used to take part in performances from our parish. For example, at Christmas or on the feast of St. Casimir.

At the prayer of glorification, we sang the songs “The soul is having fun” and “Lord, we are your children.” I wasn’t worried, because I had already performed on stage many times and there were real friends nearby.

I really liked everything at the holiday, especially the politeness and care of other people. It was a very wonderful journey. I am grateful to God for this opportunity and to Irena, the leader of our choir, for her patience and love.

Igor Lopata, St. Casimir Parish, Molodechno, guitarist of the children’s choir “grains”.

When an opportunity is given to do something for the benefit of God and my native parish, I am always ready to participate. So far, I have participated in many charity events of our parish and parish Caritas.

The head of our choir, Irena, invited me to go help and diversify our performance with guitar sound. It was a very interesting experience for me. Meet a huge number of people whose hearts are burning with one goal!

Every appearance on stage to one degree or another is an excitement. Will everything work out? Will it be possible to interest listeners?

Therefore, it was not easy, but with God’s help and a wave of positive emotions from the audience, we succeeded!

I was most taken by the atmosphere. Different people from the farthest corners of our motherland have joined together to glorify the name of Jesus Christ with their talents.

In addition, the event turned out to be interfaith. Our Orthodox brothers, who are already celebrating the victory of the Lord over death, also pleased everyone with their performance.

It is impossible not to note the organization and hospitality on the part of the organizers of the event. We really felt comfortable. Like at home:) God, odudyach!

Zlata Ivanskaya, St. Casimir parish, Molodechno, group”grains”.

Together with the choir, we visited a psychoneurological boarding school several times, came to neighboring parishes with small concerts. I was also at the exhibition of our parishioner, the Belarusian artist Elizaveta Krasntseva. She helped organize and took part in “Andreyki” and “balls of all saints”, which were held in our parish. On Fridays I take part in Art therapy, where every time we get something wonderful.

Last year we were already at the Christian social center. Therefore, I wanted to find out what would be interesting this time.

Thanks to the organizers, the event turned out to be very interesting. First there was a concert, after which Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz sent his word to the people. Then there was a delicious lunch and an entertainment program. While the adults were dancing, a clown came to the children. Personally, I liked the concert the most, during which we listened to songs, most of which we knew, so we were happy to support the speakers with our singing.

Ksenia Lutsenko, parish of St. John the Evangelist and St. M. Kolbe, Minsk, group “God’s lambs”.

Last year, our group participated in the glorification of “children bear mercy”, and we also sing at Sunday masses, praising the Lord God!

When there is an opportunity to sing in praise of the master, and even together with other children, and then have fun, play, make friends -it’s so wonderful! God loves joy in our hearts.

I really remember the singing, as well as the second part of the holiday: dancing, delicious pizza, meeting Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament, creative classes.

We weren’t worried at all, because we knew that the participants were supporting and singing with us.

Yaugenia Kastyukevich, St. Casimir Parish, Molodechno, group”grains”.

I really like to participate in events. I have already taken part in a theatrical resolution. We were offered to go-we arrived. At the prayer of glorification, I really enjoyed listening to others.

Victoria Filipenka,

the newspaper of the Vitebsk diocese “Catholic Bulletin” spoke /