Holy Mass for Deceased Canon Priest Dzmitry Baryla

Holy Mass for Deceased Canon Priest Dzmitry Baryla

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Holy Mass for Deceased Canon Priest Dzmitry Baryla

On March 11, Saturday, the Holy Mass for the deceased priest Dzmitry Baryla was held in the chapel of the Christian Social Center. The service was headed by Bishop Yury Kasabutsky, General Vicar of the Archdiocese of Minsk-Mahilyow, the homily was given by Archbishop Emerit Tadewush Kandrusewich. The Eucharist was attended by the director of the St. John the Baptist Minsk Theological College, the canon priest Jan Kremis, teachers, students and graduates of the educational institution.

When the Theological College was open, the canon priest Dzmitry Baryla was a teacher of canon law there, and in recent years – the deputy director, head of the educational process and the teacher of methodology.

During the homily, Archbishop Kandrusewich thanked everyone for the common prayer, as well as for all the prayers for himself when he was in the hospital.

The honored hierarch noted that the death of the priest Dzmitry was unexpected. He added that a week before the priest Dzmitry was hospitalized, they talked discussing the church life. The archpastor emphasized that the priest Dzmitry made a great contribution in the restoration of the shrine in Rakau, started by his predecessors. The priest Dzmitry covered the local parish community with a great pastoral care.

“He was creating a living church, that is called the people of God. <…> He wrote his name in golden letters in the history of the revival and formation of the Catholic Church in Belarus”, Archbishop Tadewush Kandrusewich said.

At the end of the service, Bishop Yury Kasabutsky thanked everyone present. He encouraged the prayer for eternal life for the deceased priest Dzmitry as an expression of gratitude for his sacrificial priestly ministry and diligent teaching activities at the Minsk Theological College. The priest Dzmitry stood at the origins of this catholic Institution and he will forever remain in its history.

Text: Alena Stsepanovich
Photo: Katsyaryna Amirsardary