Library Meetings on Book “Skaryna for Children”

Library Meetings on Book “Skaryna for Children”

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Library Meetings on Book “Skaryna for Children”

In the library of the Christian Social Center, a cycle of meetings was held based on the book “Skaryna for Children”. The book introduces the most vivid and famous representative of Belarusian culture – Frantsishak Skaryna. In the book, the first printer himself tells where he was born, studied, how he became interested in book printing and started printing Bible books himself. Tasks after each part help to consolidate the acquired knowledge, as well as creatively conceptualize the material.

At the library meetings, the participants were surprised that Skaryna was not only a first-time printer, but also a doctor, a gardener, a translator, and even a poet. Together they read a poem and staged a mini-play based on the work. The children played with joy the roles of animals, birds, fish and bees. The young bibliophiles were impressed by the “moving letters” – metal letters, which the typist laid out line by line on the type board in a mirror image. The participants tried to write the text as it would look in a metal set. And it was not easy!

Of course, the children were interested in the portrait of the first printer. The engraving shows Skaryna at the time of translating the Bible at a small table with an open book. There are various things around Skaryna: books, an hourglass, a “globe of the universe” and other objects. The best way to see all the details is to paint a portrait. Young artists were happy to do this!

Where can you see Skaryna today? On the streets, in museums, in literature, cinema, painting, sculpture, graphics and even in the subway. The participants painted the National Library of Belarus and painted a monument to Skaryna in front of the building, as well as created a “Scaryna” car of the Minsk metro.

The authors of the book, Tatsiana Sapeha and Maryja Karalyova, presented the book not only for children, but also for adults. The literary scholar Tatsiana told how the idea of ​​creating a book in the form of a creative notebook with assignments came about. The artist Maryja shared how the creative process of finding the image of Skaryna took place and showed her sketches, which were created during the preparation of the book. All those willing received autographs.

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