One Million Children Praying the Rosary – Belarus joined the campaign

One Million Children Praying the Rosary – Belarus joined the campaign

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One Million Children Praying the Rosary – Belarus joined the campaign

Several thousand children from all over Belarus joined the online prayer. Grodno, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Baranovichi, Pinsk, Lida, Naroch, Verkhnedvinsk, Polotsk, Shchuchin, Zhodino, Minsk, and dozens of other Belarusian towns prayed the rosary for peace around the world.

The main transmission was made from our Social Center. Bishops Yury Kasabutski and Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz joined the children in Minsk, Aliaksandr Yasheuski stayed with the group in Mogilev, and Aleh Butkevich followed the campaign in Vitebsk.

The “Mihaelki” band sang at the event – they are well known for our children as they had already performed at the Mission during the summer holidays. Volha Khilko, one of the directors of “Mihaelki”, said that she is always happy to see children sincerely praying and praising God by singing and dancing. “Therefore, to be with them in these moments is a great pleasure, as well as being filled with their laughter and carrying the light of their pure and open hearts on,” she added.

Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz emphasized: “We must teach children to pray from childhood. What they take from this life period, they will carry into adulthood. That is why the Rosary is a spiritual formation of a person, preparation for independent living”. The archbishop also stressed the importance of children’s prayer, because “a child is always sincere, a child always speaks openly.” In turn, Bishop Yury Kasabutski told that children’s prayer looks just like as they ask their father or mother for something. “When children pray together, they beg for the necessary graces for the whole world,” he continued.

The children were delighted to see their peers from all over Belarus, say hello to them, to wave a hand. Children’s groups from Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Baranovichi, and Grodno took part in the live broadcast. The all-Belarusian prayer as a part of the world campaign “One Million Children Praying the Rosary” took place for the first time this year. In 2020, it was just our Christian Social Center and several parishes in Minsk, who joined the initiative. We plan that the united Rosary prayer of the children in Belarus will become an annual event.

Thank you to all participants and organizers!

Photos: Yury Sidun.
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