Palm Sunday at the Christian Social Center

Palm Sunday at the Christian Social Center

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Palm Sunday at the Christian Social Center

A lot of members of the faithful gathered on Palm Sunday in the chapel of the Christian Social Center to enter Holy Week. During the Holy Mass, pussy willow branches were blessed.

In the Catholic Church Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday. On this day, the liturgy commemorates Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem five days before His crucifixion. The celebrating people from the crowd placed olive and palm branches in His path, singing:

“Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

The beginning of the celebration of Palm Sunday dates back to the 6th century. In Belarus, the custom of consecration of tree branches appeared in the 11th century. Due to the fact that palm trees do not grow in Belarus, believers bring decorated willow branches to the procession. For this reasons that Sunday itself was called “Pussy Willow Sunday” (“Palm Sunday”) or “Verbnitsa”.

During Holy Week, every day is exceptional and unique, so each day of this week is also called “Holy”.

Holy Week Services schedule at the Christian Social Center.

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