Summer Camp Getting the Treasure of Love

Summer Camp Getting the Treasure of Love

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Summer Camp Getting the Treasure of Love

From July 31 to August 11, the third tour of the Vacation with God summer camp took place at the Mission of the Good Samaritan. A program called Getting the Treasure of Love was organized for children. The children got acquainted with the life stories of some modern saints, prayed, glorified God through community activities, looked for mercy in themselves, learned to help each other, and to treat others with respect and compassion.

The children took part in interesting meetings and master classes, learned more about  themselves through creativity and classes on the development of emotional intelligence. Actor and storyteller Vital Haladok visited the summer camp, who talked about the role of fairy tales in his life and read his author’s fairy tales. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to listen to fairy tales, as well as come up with their own unique fairy tale together and illustrate it. Together with the Karobka theater, they listened to an exciting story based on the book The Wonderful Garden by Piret Raud. The reading of the book was unusual. The interactive theater of shadows with games, singing and movements captivated the participants!

The most vivid impressions remained from the pilgrimage in Zaslawye. Pilgrimage is a special event, unlike anything that happens every day. This is a real spiritual journey, filled with prayer and self-discovery. Everyone prayed together in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In Zasławye the children also visited the Museum of Belarusian painting, which is dedicated to the traditional carpet painting.

The journey to the Central Children’s Park confirmed that there are a lot of interesting and inspiring things nearby! In the park children were invited to turn into their favorite hero of a fairy tale, film or book and tell about him. The participants talked about the good deeds of the heroes, determined what moral values they are guided by, put in their “treasury” all the best character traits of the heroes that should be developed in themselves, discussed where they might be needed now and in adult life. Through the game children learned to look for and find the good, bright, pure in the characters, to be guided by this life experience in real relationships with people.

The final event was the theatrical concert In Search of the Treasure of Mercy. The evening took place in a sincere atmosphere, where everyone had the opportunity to think about mercy, as well as to become a little closer to the Lord God.

Each tour of the Vacation with God summer camp has an interesting and unique program. Read how rich, interesting and fruitful the first tour was entitled “Pilgrim    a Creative Person“, and the second one called “Journey through the Pages of the Bible“. 

See you at the Mission of the Good Samaritan!

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