The Mission celebrated the 90th anniversary of Uladzimir Karatkievicz

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The Mission celebrated the 90th anniversary of Uladzimir Karatkievicz

A solemn party was held to mark the 90th anniversary of Uladzimir Karatkievicz, Belarusian classical writer. Zmicier Vajciuszkievicz sang a number of songs based on the poems of the classic, there were memories of a contemporary and a cake with the number “90”.

Children, parents and the Mission staff gathered for the event. Mr. Vajciuszkievicz was the first to take the stage. Before performing the songs, he told about the history behind Karatkievicz’s poems and shared his personal experience. At the end, the musician performed several of his most famous works.

Ms. Taccjana shared her thoughts: “Karatkievicz’s work has fascinated me since I was a teenager. I think he is one of the few writers who can invoke interest for Belarusian literature in teenagers and the youth not just because he is a well-deserved, recognized classic, or because reading Karatkievicz is right and necessary, but simply because it is driving, exciting, not boring ”. One of the mothers attending the event added that “it is a great gift for a writer to be able to combine interesting, twisted, non-trivial stories with eternal themes of love for the Fatherland, for his people so successfully, which arouses readers’ interest in Belarusian history.”

In the second part of the party, Jazep’s father told about his personal acquaintance with Karatkievicz. The speaker recalled meeting with the classic, his words, behavior.

At the end of the party Zmicier Vajciuszkievicz cut the cake. Children were free to play around and the adults had a chance to talk.

We thank God for the life and work of our beloved classic.

Photos: Jury SidunThe photo album can be found here.