With a Psychologist about Needs, Desires and Resources

With a Psychologist about Needs, Desires and Resources

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With a Psychologist about Needs, Desires and Resources

A meeting with a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist Ala Schatsinina took place at the Christian Social Center for the members of the “Samaritan” Community and the Social Volunteer Club. The conversation was about needs, desires and their realization.

Ala Schatsinina has extensive experience working with people with disabilities: a volunteer, a psychologist in a hostel for people with severe and multiple developmental disabilities, a psychologist in a psychiatric hospital where she worked with people with disabilities, and today is a private entrepreneur and a university lecturer.

“Such meetings are an interchange. I share my experience and knowledge, communicate, help people to know themselves. And in return I get energy, joy, warmth from meeting and communicating with interesting people”, shares Ala Schatsinina

“A big group gathered today, and there was a lot of energy. I felt their interest, attentiveness, sincerity and openness of feelings and emotions – the guys answered simple questions deeply, were included in the dialogue. We discussed the topic of needs, desires and their realization. We said that everything starts with desires, and behind every desire there is a need for something.

We talked about the “Maslow’s pyramid”, about what needs there are: basic needs, security, social, aesthetic, and then spiritual needs. And what is needed in order to fulfill needs and desires”.

“It is clear that external and internal resources are needed, it is also important to be aware, understand and accept yourself, your emotions and feelings, be able to ground yourself and rely on yourself and the world around you, with conscious desires”, says Ala. – To go to goals with pleasure and with joy from living life here and now, from communicating and sharing pleasure with others.

It is also important to learn how to set real goals, be able to plan and go to implementation at your own pace, taking small steps, accepting your mistakes and failures, because this is also an experience that is important to appreciate and rely on”.

“The group members supported others and found support for themselves, were able to talk about realization, needs, desires, external and internal resources to rely on, moving along the path of their realization. They had an opportunity to share various thoughts, experiences, feelings.

There was an atmosphere of trust, mutual support, respect and joy in the group. Many members talked openly about themselves, expressed their opinions, but also listened to others without condemnation”.

“The main thing that we managed to get at our meeting was a sense of community, that you are needed and understanding that you are not alone, there are people who share your interests, who will understand and accept you in any condition. And even if you are tired and you do not have the strength, they will help you find your resources and realize your desires. The people who gathered today have a lot of positive energy, emotions, interests and desires to do a lot for themselves, others and the world. It was important for me to give direction to this energy and “highlight” their capabilities, abilities and resources. I think that this group has very good and encouraging development prospects. Everything will work out. I believe in them!”

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